Private Label Belts


The company LUXURY MAKERS S.C.P. is led by the artisan shoemaker Alejandro Avilés,
who has more than 25 years’ expertise working with leather, and with independent
partners specialised in other fields, including other craftsmen, modellers, tanners, expert
metalwork manufacturers, etc. In short, an entire team of renowned experts across their
respective fields.


This is a sample of our works:




3005 - Private label belts

3018 - Private label belts

3021 - Private label belts

3022 - Private label belts
3023 - Private label belts
3024 - Private label belts
3025 - Private label belts

3026 - Private label belts


3027 - Private label belts




Private label belts



Many companies whose sales are growing have other items to offer customers
including suits, neckties, shawls, bow ties, suspenders, hats, scarves, gloves and socks;
but without a doubt, belts are one of the must-have complements to completing this range of accessories,
both for men’s suits and high couture women’s dresses,
and we also manufacture belts for children.

Our company LUXURY MAKERS S.C.P. was created with 2 priority goals:

-That our belts can be purchased from anywhere in the world.
-That orders for new belt designs are manufactured in accordance with designs conceived
by each customer, from anywhere in the world.



Belt sizes are varied.

The most common sizes are: 90 centimetres, 95 centimetres,
1 meter, 1.05 meters and 1.10 meters.



If you sell goods at a tailor’s shop
and you want the customer to buy the belt in-line with the measurements of their waist,
we can manufacture belts so that it is easy
to cut them down to size to properly fit the customer.

A common way to do utilizes a grip with a screw and thread;
this is a method that makes it easier to adjust the belt.

You will always have the chance to decided whether you want the belt finished
with either a screw and thread or a sewn finish (between the buckle and leather belt).

Belts usually have 5 holes to grip the buckle.
These holes are arranged to fit the customer.
The customer should find a belt that is fit to the centre hole, i.e.,
whether we count from the left or from the right,
the buckle should fit into the centre hole,
leaving two holes on either side
so that there is room to either tighten or loosen the belt.