We have a great variety of leathers
and of many textures (shinier, more matte).

We generally work with the following types of leather:
smooth leather, suede leather, patent leather, exotic animal skins,
cowhides stamped with exotic animal prints,
and all in a wide variety of colours.

If you have own a tailors,
you will know that the most common belt colours are
black and dark brown;
but if you want to stand out and offer belts
with a twist, you can choose from a wide variety of colours.

When a customer such as yourself asks us for a sample,
we also send out a colour chart
to ensure that you are clear about what colours you are choosing.

Another of our strengths is the fact that
we do not work with stock,
we do not keep the belts in a warehouse.

In this way, our customers are purchasing completely new products.

When you place an order for a belt with us,
we get straight to work and order the required leather from our supplier.





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Sometimes they have the leather in stock, but often they are required to manufacture the skins.

Belts have always been an indispensable accessory. Who does not own a black belt, or
have a dark brown or tan belt in the wardrobe? A belt for weekdays and different ones for
celebrations and special days when you want to wear something more elegant and
distinctive, or just wear something different.